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If you've never been to New England, you'll find that the region has plenty to offer. Most famous for its natural beauty, New Hampshire is home to the White Mountains and has some of the best fall foliage in the country.

  • Ceremony
  • September 6, 2009 • 1 PM
  • Countryside Community Church
  • 815 Main Street • Contoocook, NH 03229
  • Map | Directions from Hampton Inn to church
  • Reception
  • Immediately following the ceremony
  • Warner Town Hall
  • 5 East Main Street • Warner, NH 03278
  • Parking is available behind the Town Hall at Simonds Elementary School
  • Map | Directions from church to Town Hall

Her Story Senior year of college was supposed to fly by. I already knew most of the guys, and wasn't remotely interested. I was going to focus on school. Then I walked into graphics class. This boy (I thought his name might be Matt) saw me walk in and did a silly little fist pump in the air. I found that fist pump to be intriguing, so I sat next to him. Since Matt and I both avoid talking in class as a general rule, the first 3 years of mutual art classes hadn't helped us. I knew him as the quiet guy with the best work, and I didn't think he knew me at all. The previous year we had lived in adjacent apartments, and had to walk across campus to the same class a few mornings a week. One of my earliest memories of Matt is trying to time that walk each morning so that I was sufficiently ahead of or behind him. I put alot of effort into avoiding an awkward conversation with someone who had a destination within 5 feet of mine, but who I had never spoken to. Apparently that effort is now happily wasted!

After a few weeks I started spending too much time in the lab, and after a few more there was no one else I'd rather spend time with. After the dreaded end of school, we spent the summer trying to move to the same city. I was pretty much done for by this point, so when Matt landed a job in Baltimore last fall, I moved out. Living in a city where we knew 8 people provided us with plenty of quality time together, and last February, Matt asked me to marry him. He took me to a park (a suspicious activity when it's 18° outside). He kept hinting that I should sit down, but I, being the perpetually cold being that I am, only wanted to walk in order to avoid dying. Finally I got the hint and sat. He handed me a little book, at which point I thought, “You can't fit a ring in a book...” and gave up on the idea. Matt told me to read his (non-mushy) poem out loud. When I got near the end, I turned the page to where the last line should have been. But all the pages had holes cut out of them, and inside was a beautiful ring! At the same time Matt said the last line of the poem out loud – "Will you marry me?" Now, on September 6, exactly 2 years and 1 day since that silly little fist pump caught my attention, we'll be married! And I cannot wait.

His Story I like to say it took me two years to muster the courage to talk to Beth. We had shared several classes throughout our time at college, but with two relatively shy people, it takes some extra effort (or perhaps some divine intervention) to strike up a conversation.

So, our senior year, when we just happened to sit next to each other in three classes, it seems I was forced to take action. During classes, I gained crucial information about her (e.g. she was always cold, she took better notes than me, and she wore cool shoes.) One day I commented on her cool shoes, which eventually led to some additional conversation. As time passed, it was unbelievable how many similar interests we had, and even more unbelievable how comfortable I felt around her. The year went on, late nights were spent next to her in the computer lab - although it seemed we often spent more time talking than doing homework. It actually didn't take me long to realize there was something special about her. And when I finally learned she had some serious skills in the kitchen, I was sold.

After graduation, we decided we were going to have to live in the same place. And the rest is history. I moved to Baltimore and she followed. I learned what it was like to truly love someone. But most importantly, I learned, without a doubt, she is the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with.


Accommodations / We have blocked off rooms at the Hampton Inn Concord/Bow. This hotel is only about 15 minutes from Beth's house and the church. Please call as soon as possible and reserve your room for the Stillwell/Coleman wedding! If chains aren't your thing or you would prefer accommodations with more local charm, feel free to contact us for recommendations.

Planes & Automobiles / The closest major airport is located in Manchester, NH, approximately 25 minutes from the Hampton. Manchester-Boston Regional (MHT) is newly renovated and offers the perks of a big airport without the traffic of a big city. If you're looking to experience Boston in the fall, Logan International Airport (BOS) is approximately 1.5 hours from the hotel. Rental cars are available at both locations.


If you find yourself with downtime during the weekend, you should check out the Hopkinton State Fair, located across the street from Beth's home. Downtown Contoocook is also home to the country's oldest train covered bridge. If you are planning a more extended visit, you may want to check out the area mountains or even swing into Boston for a day.


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